"For the last ten years, Prima Plant Services has taken care of our trees. Their growth and health has been outstanding. This includes a period when a disease attacked some of my aspen trees."
Bill Lamont
River Valley Ranch homeowner

Tree Services from Diagnosis to Long Term Plant Health Care

A Tree Consultant with a Holistic Approach

As a highly regarded Consulting Arborist and ISA Certified Arborist, Kim Bock, Prima Plant Services owner, first evaluates a troubled tree to determine the base causes. Much like a new doctor / patient relationship, an initial consultation can be instrumental in maintaining a property’s landscape investment. Kim makes a thorough walk-through of the site to evaluate the trees and surrounding landscape. She shares information regarding the trees’ health and structural integrity, site conditions affecting tree health, and maintenance recommendations.

Sometimes the issue is cultural, meaning it may not be getting enough water or the soil may not be appropriate for the species. At times, there are other issues such as Mountain Pine Beetle, aphids, or a tree disease that require treatment. Whether it’s aspen tree care, spruce or pine tree care, fruit tree pruning, or tree fertilization, you can count on Prima Plant Services to do the right thing to optimize your trees’ health.

Developed or Pre-Developed Land Consultations

Often developers and homeowner's associations require an evaluation of the trees and landscape of vacant land or developed property for purposes of short term and long term planning (and often to obtain governmental development approvals). Such a report is helpful determining allocation of financial resources towards the primary health issues, if any, and can be a tool for a longer-range tree and landscape management plan for the property.

Tree Pest Management

Are you wondering if your pines are susceptible to Mountain Pine Beetle? Let Prima evaluate your landscape for Mountain Pine Beetle and other potential tree pests.

Tree Pruning—Giving Young Trees a Healthy Start

Leave it to our consulting arborist to recommend when tree pruning is necessary. We can properly prune your younger trees for optimal growth and correct structure. Call on Prima to help your trees and shrubs thrive.

Tree Fertilization—Optimizing Tree Growth

Ask our tree consultant about deep root fertilization. Deep root fertilizing can maximize the vitality of your trees. Give your trees the boost they need.




Timely Tips
By Kim Bock
Owner, Prima Plant Services

Pruning trees and shrubs in the late fall, winter, or early spring is often referred to as dormant season pruning. Without foliage, it is easier to see branches to evaluate damage and structural defects such as co-dominant stems, crossed or rubbing branches, and conflicts with other trees or structures. Dormant season pruning can be done anytime between leaf drop in the fall and bud break in the spring time. However, pruning is not recommended on maple trees during the winter due to high sap flow. ... (more)

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