"I have been working with Prima Plant Services for several seasons now. I have used Prima both as a consultant and as a (licensed) applicator and I respect their judgment and professional capabilities."
Michelle Tulleners
Owner, The Touch

Professional Lawn & Weed Services that Make a Difference

Lawn Consultants Help Your Lawn Thrive

If you are wondering why your lawn isn’t lush, contact the lawn consultants at Prima Plant Services for an evaluation. We’ll evaluate the cultural conditions your lawn encounters such as watering, aeration, and mowing. We can also analyze fertility, the level of turf weed infestation, and stresses such as compaction. Then, we’ll recommend what it will take to make your lawn lush and green. Prima Plant Services is a member of the Colorado Association of Lawn Care Professionals (www.lawncarecolorado.org).

Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control

Upon evaluation, Prima Plant Services can provide lawn fertilization and lawn weed control services. Application of our special mix of liquid lawn weed & feed provides quick and effective turf weed management and nutrition for steady, green lawn growth.

Noxious Weed Control

Noxious weeds can be insidious. The State of Colorado, Pitkin, Eagle and Garfield Counties, and several local municipalities require property owners to manage specific noxious weeds. At Prima Plant Services, we manage your weed problems with careful regard to your children, pets, guests, and the environment. We are a member of the Colorado Weed Management Association (www.cwma.org). In fact, Prima Plant Services is the only business sponsor of the Colorado noxious weed calendar. Leave noxious weed management to the professionals at Prima Plant Services.

Weed Management Plans

County planning agencies often require a pre-development noxious weed management plan. We can make a site inspection to determine noxious weed issues and develop a specific noxious weed management plan for your property.

Timely Tips
By Kim Bock
Owner, Prima Plant Services

Roots of grass and trees need adequate oxygen to function and be healthy. In fact, the optimal percentage of oxygen levels in the soil is similar to the air we breathe! Heavy or compacted soils, thick turf roots or thatch build-up, and even over-watering can starve roots of critical oxygen. Core aeration is recommended at least once per year (spring or fall) when the soil is moist enough to be able to pull up a 2-inch plug of soil. The holes created allow air and water to penetrate into the root zone for healthier roots. Leaving the soil plugs on the surface allows them to break down and replenish the soil. If your topsoil... (more)

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